Traditional Sailor's Turk's Head Knot w/ Natural Red Spinel .6ct -Solid Sterling Silver

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I made this special pendant several years ago and have been keeping it for my own collection until now. The original design for the model was made while working at sea on commercial fishing boats in Alaska.

In between the long days of fishing I practiced the traditional of art decorative nautical knotwork during  wheel watches to keep myself from falling asleep at the wheel.

One of my favorites is this relatively simple four-loop Turk's Head Knot.

I made the original model from fishing net seine twine, molded it in silicone, cast it in solid sterling silver and set it with a lovely cushion cut .6ct Natural Red Spinel. 

This is a one-off piece, the result of half a lifetime at sea, my travels around the world in the gem industry and over 20 years of jewelry design. 

The overall dimensions are 1 3/8' x 1 1/2''.  

Spinel is a rare stone that has long been confused with high quality natural ruby. It wasn't stone until the invention of modern gemological scientific testing instruments in the last century that it was discovered to be it's own unique type of gemstone.  

Many of the famous "rubies" of antiquity have since turned out to be spinel, including some of the English crown jewels.

It has the same high degree of hardness and durability as ruby, it is more rare though it can be found in a range of colors. 

Spinel is a collectors stone for those who appreciate unusual gemstones. 

The pendant includes a sterling silver chain, standard length is 18 inches.

If you prefer a longer or shorter chain we're happy accommodate you. 

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