Natural Tourmailne crystals - Old stock. Unheated. Facet Grade.

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These natural rubellite tourmailne crystals have a yummy raspberry red color. 

The total weight of the two is 3.4 carats.

The larger one weighs 2.01 carats, measures 10mm in length at the longest part and 9.5 at the shortest part, 5.3mm in width and 3.5mm-4mm thickness. 

The larger stone in particular is very clean internally.

There is a small twin crystal, about .5mm in thickness on the longest side, which could be removed very easily during the faceting process and make for a very clean faceted stone with very little weight loss during cutting.

The smaller stone weighs 1.39 carats, measures 9mm in length at the longest point and 7.25 at the shortest part, 5mm wide x 3mm in thickness. 

If you are interested in faceting these stones they'd be a fun and profitable little parcel to cut and polish, or if you are just into collecting rare crystals these are a fine example of natural rubellite tourmaline. 

We bought these stones around 20 years ago from a very nice lady from Mozambique who brought them to sell to the Thai cutters in Bangkok. But we liked them, and we liked her, so we got them instead. 

They've been in our collection ever since, but it's time to pass them on to someone else who also appreciates rare natural stones.