Russian Chrome Diopside Gemstones - Ultra Rare Gems - 14K Gold Filled - Handcrafted in Alaska

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This handcrafted natural gemstone necklace features deep green Russian Chrome Diopside, an ultra rare, natural, untreated stone found only in one location on earth in Eastern Siberia. Due to the harsh climate this stone can only be mined for a few months out of the year so the availability is very limited.

We were lucky to have found these amazingly high quality stones in such perfect color and clarity.

This one of a kind piece was handcrafted using high quality 14K Gold Filled wire and chain for long term wear and durability.

The length is 18" and it includes a small handmade sizing chain. If you'd prefer it longer we can provide a matching 14K Gold Filled extender upon request.

This rare gemstone necklace is the only one of it's kind and you will receive the exact piece shown in the photos. 

Enjoy :)