Natural Blue Zircon 2.28ct 9x6mm

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This natural blue zircon weighs 2.28ct, measures 9x6x4.2mm and has gorgeous aqua blue color, lots of sparkling brilliance. It is very clean and well cut. 


Not to be confused with cubic zirconium, natural zircon is an unusual stone for many reasons. One of them is it's light refractive properties, which gives it extra brilliance and sparkle.

Another unusual thing about this type of stone is that it is usually only found in good quality and size in only one place on earth, a very remote area of Cambodia.

Small scale miners use basic hand tools to find these stones, which can be red, yellow, brown, or occasionally blue.

They are usually then sealed in a simple clay pot and put in a fire overnight to improve their color. 

We have been collecting Cambodian blue zircon for many years on our travels in Southeast Asia. 

This is one of many that we've had in our collection for a long time and we are finally ready to let someone else enjoy the beauty of this interesting and rare natural stone.