Rare Finnish Spectrolite Cabochon - 55.74ct

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This is a very fine example of one of the rarest gemstones on earth, a variety of feldspar found in only one location on our planet, in southern Finland near the Russian border. 

Finnish Spectrolite is distinguished from its more common cousin, labradorite, by it's dark body color and rich and intense range of colors, often including the full rainbow, with purple being the rarest and most sought over.

This particular piece weighs 55.74 carats, measures 48x18mm and has intense purple, blue and orange color, truly a fine specimen.

This stone was purchased as part of a large lot of rough directly from a Finnish miner and cut and polished myself by hand in Alaska. 

Spectrolite is a very directional stone, so it only shows it's color when the angle of the light is just right. I carefully oriented this stone to show the maximum amount of color when worn as a pendant in outdoor or overhead indoor lighting. 

If you would like to have me set it in a sterling silver bezel setting to wear as a pendant or a brooch please contact me and we will arrange it.